Ovegaard Appointed as a Certified Approver

Sonya Ovegaard_2017
April 26, 2017

Research Accountant Sonya Ovegaard has been appointed a Certified Approver (CA), which gives her the authorization by the Vice President for Research to approve or deny financial transactions, like expense reports, requisitions and expense transfers for sponsored projects. CAs are given the responsibility to make sure that these types of expenditures are in line with University and Sponsor guidelines, which requires a vast amount of background knowledge.

To qualify for this specialized role, Ovegaard had to pass two exams required by the University.  As to be fully prepared for the exams, Ovegaard led a study group that met weekly since November. They rotated who would be the leader that compiled the materials from the policy websites and updated old formal study group guides. They also would have current CAs visit the group as resident experts to answer any questions. One of the major accomplishments of the group was to develop an online, shareable option for all relevant policies and procedures that could be easily updated. The resource they developed is searchable and is already being shared among the University accounting community.

Now that Ovegaard is a CA, the Department will have more evenly distributed transaction approvals between team members, and, in the event that one CA is out, Ovegaard will be there to provide back-up. Additionally, the working knowledge Ovegaard will bring to further assist faculty will aid in continuing the success of our Department’s audits and reviews of financial transactions.

Please join CS&E in extending our congratulations to Sonya Ovegaard for being appointed as a CA.

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