Ph.D. Candidate Christakopoulou and Professor Karypis Receive Best Paper Award at RecSys 2016

Karypis & Christakopoulou_RecSys 2016
September 27, 2016

Ph.D. candidate Evangelia Christakopoulou and Professor George Karypis received the best paper award at the 10th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems for their paper “Local Item-Item Models for Top-N Recommendation.”

This paper generalizes and improves upon the widely popular item-item method for computing top-N recommendations by explicitly modeling the fact that not all users behave the same way; rather, there exist subsets of like-minded users. The paper presented an approach that simultaneously identifies these like-minded user subsets along with their associated item-item recommendation models in order to maximize the overall recommendation performance. 

The conference was held in Boston and is a premier international forum for the presentation of new research, results, systems and techniques in the broad field of recommender systems. This year’s published papers went through a rigorous peer review process, with an acceptance rate under 20%.

Congratulations to Evangelia Christakopoulou and Professor Karypis on this award.

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