Ph.D. Student Kate Jensen Receives Bowers TA Award

Kate Jensen
January 29, 2018

Ph.D. student Kate Jensen has been awarded the John Bowers Excellence in Teaching Assistance Award.  The award honors an outstanding teaching assistant who has demonstrated exceptional interest and commitment to the teaching of College of Science and Engineering (CSE) students.

Jensen showed such commitment through her outstanding work as a teaching assistant (TA) as well as a Teaching TA ​independently teaching exceptionally well-liked courses in our department. She was recommended for the award by the department and the award will be formally presented with the it at the CSE pre-commencement celebration in May.

Jensen works under the supervision Professor Zhi-Li Zhang, studying graphical networks and computational complexity. She is primarily interested in examining similarity transformation of laplacian matrices. Her research involves taking novel algebraic and geometric approaches to tackle theoretical computer science problems, particularly those in the area of time complexity.

As advisor Zhi-Li Zhang noted, Jensen is a “rare talent” in the field of theoretical computer science, taking on difficult problems and obtaining surprising results.

Please join the department in extending our congratulations to Kate Jensen, not only for receiving the Bowers TA Award, but also the Minnesota ARCS Scholar Award, which she was awarded last fall for being one of the “best and brightest graduate students in a STEM-focused department.”

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