Professor Karypis Receives Distinguished McKnight University Professorship

March 30, 2016

Professor George Karypis has been selected as a recipient of the Distinguished McKnight University Professorship. This honor recognizes outstanding faculty members who have recently achieved full professor status. Professor Karypis will hold the title “Distinguished McKnight University Professor” for as long as he remains with the University of Minnesota.

Professor Karypis was selected for his ongoing work in in the areas of high-performance computing and data mining, which are focusing on developing novel algorithms grounded in theory and solve important problems across the computing spectrum—from scientific computing to business intelligence, from e-commerce to drug discovery, and more.

Professor Karypis has been hugely successful in bringing his innovative research ideas into practice via a series of software packages that have been incorporated in a very large number of commercial packages and software systems developed at academic institutions and government research labs. Industries and research communities impacted by his work are incredibly diverse. Nearly everyone running large scale computational simulations on supercomputers anywhere in the world uses his graph partitioning software to optimize the runtime of their software. This includes companies like Boeing, Ford, General Electric, General Motors, Rolls- Royce, and Toyota that rely on his software to optimize the design and manufacturing of airplanes, cars, and engines. Cloud infrastructure companies, such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, rely on his partitioning software to intelligently optimize and allocate the placement of data and computations across their data centers. Computer chips designers, such as AMD, Intel, Micron, Samsung, and Qualcomm, use his hypergraph partitioning software to minimize chip area and cost, and to maximize chip speed. E-Commerce and online media streaming companies, such as Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and Comcast use his recommender system technology to identify items such as products, movies, and songs that are most relevant for their customers. Publishers and content management companies such as Elsevier, Thomson-Reuters, Springer, and Yahoo, rely on his clustering software to organize and extract information from the vast number of documents generated daily.

Six other recipients join Professor Karypis, all whom will be honored with a celebratory dinner in early May.  The award comes with a $100K grant to be used over the course of five years.  Previous winners from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering include Professors Zhi-Li Zhang, John Riedl, Joseph Konstan, Nikos Papanikolopoulos, and Shashi Shekhar.

Please join the Department in extending our heartiest congratulations to Professor George Karypis, who not only received this honor, but also was recently honored with the 2016 Seoul Test of Time Award for his groundbreaking recommender systems research.

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