Professor Knights Helps Launch CoreBiome, Inc.

Dan Knights
August 24, 2017

Assistant Professor Dan Knights is part of a University of Minnesota team launching CoreBiome Inc.  The startup company is based on technology developed by Knights and fellow U of M researchers Kenneth Beckman, director of the University of Minnesota Genomics Center (UMGC) and Daryl Gohl, research and development lead of UMGC.

Recently announced by the University of Minnesota Venture Center, CoreBiome uses Big Data and informatics tools to analyze microbomes with an aim to help customers design studies, generate sequencing data, and analyze microbial communities for a variety of applications.

“There’s a growing need for fast, reproducible and scalable microbiome analysis in many research fields,” Knights says in the press release.  “Our goal is to accelerate the discovery of microbiome-based solutions in human health, agriculture and the environment.”

A leading expert in microbiome informatics, Knights will serve as CoreBiome’s CEO and Chief Data Scientist. Much of the technology at the center of CoreBiome was developed in the Knights Lab. His lab specializes in computational microbiology and develops methods that bring precision medicine to the microbiome. They then apply those methods to find patterns that can predict and diagnose human diseases.

Visit CoreBiome to learn more about the company.

Read the entire press release from the College of Science & Engineering.

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