Rung and Overgaard Present at SPA’s Symposium X

March 15, 2017

CS&E Research Accountants Sonya Overgaard and Jillian Rung presented at the Sponsored Project Administration’s (SPA) Symposium X, which is a professional development event offered by the Office of the Vice President of Research that brings together professionals from across the University community to share insight into research proposals and awards from external sources.

Rung presented at two sessions.  In “Advanced Effort Sampler,” she was part of an inter-disciplinary team that included Research Accountants Mia Rampi-Lambertz from Civil Engineering and Elizabeth Richardson from Epidemiology.  Together, they led a high-level discussion about the best practices for managing efforts outside the certification process.  Overgaard joined Rung for their second session, “Google Suite for Business 101.” The CS&E accounting team shared insight on how Google Suite products can help colleagues save time, stay organized, and become more efficient.

Rung also hosted a poster at the symposium, which highlighted parent/child project management and best practices for success.

Please join CS&E in congratulation Rung and Ovegaard for going above and beyond to help educate our university community.

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