Rung Presents at SPA’s Symposium XI

Rung, SPA Symposium 2018
February 28, 2018

CS&E Finance Operations Manager Jillian Rung presented at the Sponsored Project Administration’s (SPA) Symposium XI, which is a professional development event offered by the Office of the Vice President of Research that brings together professionals from across the University community to share insight into research proposals and awards from external sources.

Rung presented with fellow university experts Ginny Olson, Sherrie Kutzler, and Joe Klancher.  Their session titled, “Capital Equipment – Acquisition, Fabrication and Disposition,” offered insight into capital equipment, budgeting for such equipment, and the best practices for purchasing it.  They went into detail on the equipment fabrication procedure, offering relevant examples of what can and cannot be included in costs.  Additionally, they provided guidance into this procedure when things do not go as planned.

Please join CS&E in congratulating Jillian Rung for going above and beyond to help educate our university community.

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