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Format: 2017
17-008 Toward Rigorous Object-Code Coverage Criteria
17-007 Multiple Instance Learning for bags with Ordered instances
17-006 Sparse Tensor Factorization on Many-Core Processors with High-Bandwidth Memory
17-005 Investigation of a Transactional Model for Incremental Parallel Computing in Dynamic Graphs
17-004 Aerial Radio-based Telemetry for Tracking Wildlife
17-003 Mining Electronic Health Records : A Survey
17-002 Data-Driven Variation for Virtual Facial Expressions
17-001 Cumulative Knowledge-based Regression Models for Next-term Grade Prediction
16-038 MESH: A Flexible Distributed Hypergraph Processing System
16-037 Significant Linear Hotspot Discovery
16-036 Bit-Vector Model Counting using Statistical Estimation
16-035 Exerting Fine-Grained Path Control over Legacy Switches in Hybrid Networks
16-034 Big Data and Recommender Systems
16-033 Supply-Demand Ratio and On-Demand Spatial Service Brokers
16-032 Mapping Burned Areas in Tropical forests using MODIS data
16-031 Crime Hotspot Detection: A Computational Perspective
16-030 An approach for global monitoring of surface water extent variations using MODIS data
16-029 Automated Plantation Mapping in Southeast Asia Using Remote Sensing Data
16-007 A Taxonomy for Task Allocation Problems with Temporal and Ordering Constraints
16-006 A Medium-Grained Algorithm for Distributed Sparse Tensor Factorization
16-005 Generating Sokoban Puzzle Game Levels with Monte Carlo Tree Search
16-004 Awan: Locality-aware Resource Manager for Geo-distributed Data-intensive Applications
16-003 Trading Timeliness and Accuracy in Geo-Distributed Streaming Analytics
16-002 Large Scale Image Mosaic Construction for Agricultural Applications
16-001 A general framework to increase the robustness of model-based change point detection algorithms to outliers and noise.
15-021 Constrained Probabilistic Search for a One-Dimensional Random Walker
15-020 Tripoles: A New Class of Climate Teleconnections
15-019 A Parallel Hill-Climbing Refinement Algorithm for Graph Partitioning
15-018 Awan: Locality-aware Resource Manager for Geo-distributed Data-intensive Applications
15-017 PL2AP: Fast Parallel Cosine Similarity Search
15-016 Mining Electronic Health Records : A Survey
15-015 Tensor-Matrix Products with a Compressed Sparse Tensor
15-014 Gathering Bearing Data for Target Localization
15-013 A Pursuit-Evasion Toolkit
15-012 Scalable Transactions in Partially Replicated Data Systems with Causal Snapshot Isolation
15-011 Accounting for Language Changes over Time in Document Similarity Search
15-010 Robotic Surveying of Apple Orchards
15-009 Design and Evaluation of a Transaction Model with Multiple Consistency Levels for Replicated Data
15-008 SPLATT: Efficient and Parallel Sparse Tensor-Matrix Multiplication
15-007 DMS: Distributed Sparse Tensor Factorization with Alternating Least Squares
15-006 Elastic Job Bundling: An Adaptive Resource Request Strategy for Large-Scale Parallel Applications
15-005 Navigation Around an Unknown Obstacle for Autonomous Surface Vehicles Using a Forward-Facing Sonar
15-004 Environment and Solar Map Construction for Solar-Powered Mobile Systems
15-003 The Microvision Robot and its Capabilities
15-002 Separation of Benign and Malicious Network Events for Accurate Malware Family Classification
15-001 Optimizing Grouped Aggregation in Geo-Distributed Streaming Analytics
14-028 Clinical Variable Relationship Evaluation using Decision Tree Rule Extraction
14-027 Understanding Computer Usage Evolution
14-026 Global Lake Monitoring using Group-specific Local Learning
14-025 Discovering the Longest Set of Distinct Maximal Correlated Intervals in Time Series Data