An Efficient Algorithm for LDA Utilizing the Relationship between LDA and the generalized Minimum Squared Error Solution

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March 3, 2004
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In this paper, we study the relationship between Linear Discriminant Analysis(LDA) and the generalized Minimum Squared Error (MSE) solution. We show that the generalized MSE solution is equivalent to applying a certain classification rule in the space transformed by LDA. The relationship of the MSE solution with Fisher Discriminant Analysis (FDA) is extended to multi-class problems and also undersampled problems where the classical LDA is not applicable due to the singularity of scatter matrices. We propose an efficient algorithm for LDA that can be performed through the relationship with the MSE procedure without solving the eigenvalue problem. Extensive experiments verify the theoretical results and also demonstrate that the classification rule induced by MSE procedure can be effectively applied in the dimension reduced space by LDA.