Designing with Your Hands: Using 3D Computer Interfaces and Gesture to Model Organic Subjects

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November 13, 2008
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This paper reviews recent advances in human-computer interfaces for 3D free-form modeling using hand-based input and presents new results attained with these methods applied to modeling organic subjects. Recent interactive algorithms, including those utilizing force-feedback devices, have made more controllable hand-based 3D computer input possible. With this advance, 3D modeling tools may now better take advantage of the gestural, immediate input available from our hands. 3D models created with this type of input tend to exhibit a loose, immediate aesthetic that is unusual in computer aided design and photo-realistic computer graphics. This paper presents an analysis of the visual form seen in several works produced with 3D modeling tools in this style. A series of organic modeling subjects, primarily artistic anatomical illustrations of the human form, are explored. The modeling styles utilized are found to be quite similar to those seen in traditional gesture drawings. In particular, a tight physical/kinesthetic connection with the form-maker is evident in the results. This gestural style of computer input appears well suited for modeling organic subjects and for performing spatial design tasks, particularly in early, less precision-oriented stages of design.