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Format: 2018
00-034 A Comparison of Document Clustering Techniques
00-033 A Unified Algorithm for Load-Balancing Adaptive Scientific Simulations
00-032 Tracking and Analysis of Articulated Motion with an Application to Human Motion
00-031 Timing Domain Algorithm for Nonlinear Optimization Problems in Interconnect Design
00-030 Processing Object-Orientation-based Direction Queries in Spatial Databases
00-029 Improving Processor Performance Through Compiler-Assisted Block Reuse
00-027 Virtual Time Reference System: A Unifying Scheduling Framework for Scalable Support of Guaranteed Services
00-026 Extending Data Mining for Spatial Applications: A Case Study in Predicting Nest Locations
00-025 Exponential Modeling with Unknown Model Order Using Structured Nonlinear Total Least Norm
00-024 Representing the Unknown in Specification Languages
00-023 Experimental Analysis of VI Architecture
00-022 Probabilistic Approach to Real-time Switched Ethernet
00-021 On Protecting Link Failure of Wavelength Routed Mesh Network
00-020 Random Packet Marking for Differentiated Services
00-019 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Compressed Hydrogen
00-018 Graph Partitioning for High Performance Scientific Simulations
00-017 Centroid-Based Document Classification Algorithms: Analysis & Experimental Results
00-016 Concept Indexing: A Fast Dimensionality Reduction Algorithm with Applications to Document Retrieval & Categorization
00-015 PNrule: A New Framework for Learning Classifier Models in Data Mining (A Cast-Study in Network Intrusion Detection)
00-014 Gang Scheduling for Distributed Memory Systems
00-013 Load Balancing Across Near-Homogeneous Multi-Resource Servers
00-012 Polynomial Time Approximation Scheme for the Rectilinear Steiner Arborescence Problem
00-011 Integrating Scalar Analyses and Optimizations in a Parallelizing and Optimizing Compiler
00-010 Multi-Agent Contracting for Supply-Chain Management
00-009 Scalable Architectures for Multimedia Communications in Education and Entertainment
00-008 An Effective Term-Weighting Scheme for Information Retrieval
00-007 A Survey on Combinatorial Group Testing Algorithms with Applications to DNA Library Screening
00-006 New Constructions of Non-Adaptive and Error-Tolerance Pooling Designs
00-005 Combining Hierarchical Filtering, Fuzzy Logic, and Simulation with Software Agents for IP (Intellectual Property) Selection in Electronic Design
00-004 Structuring Formal Control Systems Specifications for Reuse: Surviving Hardware Changes
00-003 Requirements Capture and Evaluation in NIMBUS: The Light-Control Case Study
00-002 Parallel Algorithms for Mining Sequential Associations: Issues and Challenges
00-001 Modeling Spatial Dependencies for Mining Geospatial Data: A Statistical Approach
99-035 LQ-Schur Projection on Large Sparse Matrix Equations
99-034 Multilevel Algorithms for Multi-Constraint Hypergraph Partitioning
99-033 Building and Navigating a Network of Local Minima
99-032 Reusable Strategies for Testing Safety-Critical Systems
99-031 Parallel Multilevel Algorithms for Multi-Constraint Graph Partitioning
99-030 Efficient Join-Index-Based Join Processing: A Clustering Approach
99-029 Unsupervised Clustering: A Fast Scalable Method for Large Datasets
99-028 Error Spreading: A Perception-Driven Approach Orthogonal to Error Handling in Continuous Media Streaming
99-027 Equivalence Classes of Direction Objects and Applications
99-026 An Alternative to Block LU Schur Complements
99-025 Job Scheduling in the Presence of Multiple Resource Requirements.
99-024 Multi-Capacity Bin Packing Algorithms with Applications to Job Scheduling Under Multiple Constraints.
99-023 Uncoupled Pressure Snakes
99-022 Discovery of Interesting Usage Patterns from Web Data
99-021 A Universal Formulation of Sequential Patterns
99-020 Multilevel Refinement for Hierarchical Clustering
99-019 Text Categorization Using Weight Adjusted k-Nearest Neighbor Classification