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Format: 2018
99-030 Efficient Join-Index-Based Join Processing: A Clustering Approach
99-029 Unsupervised Clustering: A Fast Scalable Method for Large Datasets
99-028 Error Spreading: A Perception-Driven Approach Orthogonal to Error Handling in Continuous Media Streaming
99-027 Equivalence Classes of Direction Objects and Applications
99-026 An Alternative to Block LU Schur Complements
99-025 Job Scheduling in the Presence of Multiple Resource Requirements.
99-024 Multi-Capacity Bin Packing Algorithms with Applications to Job Scheduling Under Multiple Constraints.
99-023 Uncoupled Pressure Snakes
99-022 Discovery of Interesting Usage Patterns from Web Data
99-021 A Universal Formulation of Sequential Patterns
99-020 Multilevel Refinement for Hierarchical Clustering
99-019 Text Categorization Using Weight Adjusted k-Nearest Neighbor Classification
99-018 A Hierarchical Approach to Context-Sensitive Interprocedural Alias Analysis
99-017 Protecting Facets in Layered Manufacturing
99-016 Design & Implementation of a Framework for Integrating Front-End & Back-End Compilers
99-015 Investigating Factors Influencing QoS of Internet Phone
99-013 Applying Knowledge from KDD to Recommender Systems
99-012 A Non-blocking Directory Protocol for Large-Scale Multiprocessors
99-011 Real-time Principal Direction Line Drawings of Arbitrary 3D Surfaces
99-009 Statistical Databases
99-008 A Framework for Information Visualization Spreadsheets
99-007 A Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm Using Dynamic Modeling
99-010 New Bounds on a Hypercube Coloring Problem
99-006 Specification-based Prototyping for Embedded Systems
99-005 On Achieving Lower Consecutive Losses for Continuous Media Streams
99-004 Access Region Locality for High-Bandwidth Processor Memory System Design
99-003 A New Algorithm for Multi-objective Graph Partitioning
99-002 Computing the Width of a Three-Dimensional Point Set: An Experimental Study
99-014 Minimizing the Directory Size for Large-scale DSM Multiprocessors
99-001 Evaluating Risk: Flexibility and Feasibility in Multi-Agent Contracting
98-032 Security in Mobile Agent Systems
98-020 REVISED Decoupling Local Variable Accesses in a Wide-Issue Superscalar Processor
98-037 Building and Nevigating a Network of Local Minima
98-031 A Novel Server-Based Measurement Infrastructure for Enterprise Networks
98-036 Multilevel k-way Hypergraph Partitioning
98-035 Multilevel Paradigm for Hierarchical Clustering
98-034 Wavefront Diffusion and LMSR: Algorithms for Dynamic Repartitioning of Adaptive Meshes
98-033 Admission Control and Q0S Negotiations for Soft-Real Time
98-030 Specifying and Analyzing System Level Inter-Component Interfaces
98-026 Analysis of Multicast Clos Networks
98-025 Strictly Nonblocking Conditions on Multirate Multicast Clos Networks
98-024 Transpose-free Matrix Padé Via Lanczos Method
98-038 Adaptive Mesh Methods and Software for Time Dependent Partial Differential Equations
98-022 Enhancing Usability of Annotatins for Software Systems
98-020 Decoupling Local Variable Accesses in a Wide-Issue Superscalar Processor
98-029 Executing State-Based Specifications in a Heterogeneous Environment
98-019 Multilevel Algorithms for Multi-Constraint Graph Partitioning
98-018 A Performance Study of Diffusive vs. Remapped Load-Balancing Schemes
98-027 Dynamic Contours for Grasp Pose Estimation
98-016 Ajanta - A System for Mobile Agent Programming