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Format: 2020
98-026 Analysis of Multicast Clos Networks
98-025 Strictly Nonblocking Conditions on Multirate Multicast Clos Networks
98-024 Transpose-free Matrix Padé Via Lanczos Method
98-038 Adaptive Mesh Methods and Software for Time Dependent Partial Differential Equations
98-022 Enhancing Usability of Annotatins for Software Systems
98-020 Decoupling Local Variable Accesses in a Wide-Issue Superscalar Processor
98-029 Executing State-Based Specifications in a Heterogeneous Environment
98-019 Multilevel Algorithms for Multi-Constraint Graph Partitioning
98-018 A Performance Study of Diffusive vs. Remapped Load-Balancing Schemes
98-027 Dynamic Contours for Grasp Pose Estimation
98-016 Ajanta - A System for Mobile Agent Programming
98-014 Nsync - A Toolkit for Building Interactive Multimedia
98-023 Partitioning in Recommender Systems
98-012 Hierarchical Taxonomies using Divisive Partitioning
98-010 Specifying Loops and Path Selection in Multimedia Presentations
98-009 Object-Oriented Concurrent Programming Languages and Systems
98-008 High-Level Information - An Approach for Integrating Front-End & Back-End Compilers
98-021 Direction as a Spatial Object
98-017 Jump-Starting MovieLens: User Benefits of Starting a Collaborative Filtering System with "Dead Date"
98-013 Using Filtering Agents to Improve Prediction Quality in GroupLens Research Collaborative Filtering System
98-007 Pattern Directed Mining for Frequent Episodes
98-015 Implementing Myriad with OLE DB
98-006 Document Categorization and Query Generation on the World Wide Web Using WebACE
98-005 Blocking Behaviors of Broadcast Switching Networks in Random Traffics
98-011 Resource Protection in a Mobile Agent System
98-004 Design of Scalable Parallel Classification Algorithms for Mining Large Datasets
98-002 Analytical Potential Fields and Control Strategies for Motion Planning
98-001 Converting VSAM in COBOL to Embedded SQL