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Format: 2020
04-003 Robustness and Security in a Mobile-Agent based Network Monitoring System
04-002 Enhancing location service scalability with HIGH-GRADE
04-001 Approximating Contact-Area of Supports in Layered Manufacturing
03-051 A Compiler Framework for Recovery Code Generation in General Speculative Optimizations
03-050 A Fast Dimension Reduction Algorithm with Applications on Face Recognition and Text Classification
03-049 gCluto: A graphical clustering toolkit
03-048 A Comparison of Generalized LDA Algorithms for Undersampled Problems
03-047 Multi-Resource Aware Partitioning Algorithms for FPGAs with Heterogeneous Resources
03-046 THETO - A Fast and High-Quality Partitioning Driven Global Placer
03-045 Efficient Closed Pattern Mining in the Presence of Tough Block Constraints
03-044 Implementation of Scout Behaviors Using Analog Sensing Methods
03-043 HICAP: Hierarchical Clustering With Pattern Preservation
03-042 Training Support Vector Machine using Adaptive Clustering
03-040 BAMBOO:Accelerating Closed Itemset Mining by Deeply Pushing the Length-Decreasing Support Constraint
03-041 Equivalence of Several Two-stage Methods for Linear Discriminant Analysis
03-039 Finding Frequent Patterns in a Large Sparse Graph
03-038 Data Reduction in Support Vector Machines by a Kernelized Ionic Interaction Model
03-037 A Framework for Discovering Co-location Patterns in Data Sets with Extended Spatial Objects
03-036 Proxy-Assisted Periodic Broadcast for Video Streaming with Multiple Servers
03-035 An Architecture for Proxy-Assisted Periodic Broadcast for Large Scale Video Streaming
03-034 Fingerprint Classification Using Nonlinear Discriminant Analysis
03-033 Costs and Benefits of Load Sharing in the Computational Grid
03-032 MPI-based Adaptive Parallel Grid Services
03-031 Proactive vs Reactive Approaches to Failure Resilient Routing
03-030 Image-Based Reconstruction for View-Independent Human Motion Recognition
03-029 PAFI: A Pattern Finding Toolkit
03-028 Proceedings of the ECOOP 2003 Workshop on Exception Handling in Object-Oriented Systems: Towards Emerging Application Areas and New Programmi
03-027 Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms for Document Datasets
03-026 A new optimization criterion for generalized discriminant analysis on undersampled problems
03-025 Techniques for Visualizing Multi-Valued Flow Data
03-023 Model Checking Software Requirement Specifications Using Domain Reduction Abstraction
03-022 Multi-Constraint Mesh Partitioning for Contact/Impact Computations
03-021 A Distributed Approximation for Minamum Connecting Dominated Sets in Wireless Networks
03-020 TAPER: An Efficient Two-Step Approach for All-Pairs Correlation Query in Transaction Databases
03-019 Multi-Objective Hypergraph Partitioning Algorithms for Cut and Maximum Subdomain Degree Minimization
03-018 Approximate Multiple Protein Structure Alignment Using the Sum-of-Pairs Distance
03-017 Kernel Discriminant Analysis based on Generalized Singular Value Decomposition
03-016 Frequent Sub-Structure-Based Approaches for Classifying Chemical Compounds
03-015 Matrix Rank Reduction for Data Analysis and Feature Extraction
03-014 Text Classification using Support Vector Machines with Dimension Reduction
03-013 Generalizing Discriminant Analysis Using the Generalized Singular Value Decomposition
03-012 wCLUTO: A Web-Enabled Clustering Toolkit
03-011 Performance Evaluation of a Multi-Robot Search & Retrieval System: Experiences with MinDART
03-010 Usage Aware PageRank
03-009 Average Position of User Clicks as an Automated and Non-Intrusive Way of Evaluating Ranking Methods
03-008 Closed Dynamic Contours that Split and Merge
03-007 Prediction of Protein Relative Solvent Accessibility with Support Vector Machines and Long-range Interaction 3D Local Descriptor
03-006 Mining Hyperclique Patterns with Confidence Pruning
03-005 Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Based on an Improved Support Vector Machines Approach