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Format: 2019
01-034 Design of Ajanta System for Mobile Agent Programming
01-049 Localized Approach to Providing Quality-of-Service
01-033 Evaluation of Techniques for Classifying Biological Sequences*
01-032 A Scalable Algorithm for Clustering Sequential Data
01-031 Performance of a Distributed Robotic System Using Shared Communications Channels
01-030 Promoter Prediction of Prokaryotes
01-029 Gene Classification using Expression Profiles: A Feasibility Study
01-027 Expert Agreement and Content Based Reranking in a Meta Search Environment Using Mearf
01-028 Frequent Subgraph Discovery
01-026 LPMiner: An Algorithm for Finding Frequent Itemsets Using Length-Decreasing Support Constraint
01-025 Statistical Comparisons of Multiple Classifiers
01-024 New Bound-Based Net Criticality Metrics for Timing-Driven Physical Design
01-023 Personalized Profile Based Search Interface With Ranked and Clustered Display
01-022 A Comparative Study on Web Prefetching
01-021 Multilevel Algorithms For Generic Coarse Grids For Multigrid Methods
01-020 Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithms for Sequence Mining
01-019 Functional Verification in IP Selection by Black-box Logic Simulation
01-018 Iterative Converging Algorithms for Computing Bounds on Durations of Activities in Pert and Pert-like Models
01-017 Parallel Tree Projection Algorithm for Sequence Mining
01-016 Incremental PDDP for the Clustering of Large Data Sets
01-015 Data Mining and Visualization of Twin-Cities Traffic Data
01-014 Detecting Graph-based Spatial Outliers: Algorithms and Applications
01-013 Dimension Reduction for Text Data Representation Based on Cluster Structure Preserving Projection
01-012 Extending the Product Family Approach to Support n-Dimensional and Hierarchical Product Lines
01-011 Discovering Spatial Co-location Patterns: A summary of Results
01-010 Dimension Reduction Based on Centroids and Least Squares for Efficient Processing of Text Data
01-009 A Balanced Term-Weighting Scheme for Effective Document Matching
01-008 Minimizing the total projection of a set of vectors, with applications to Layered Manufacturing
01-007 Computing an optimal hatching direction in Layered Manufacturing
01-006 Understanding Errors in Approximating Principal Direction Vectors
01-005 Coverage Based Test-Data Generation using Model Checkers
01-004 Web Proxy Server with Intelligent Prefetcher for Dynamic Pages Using Association Rules
01-003 Parallel Algorithm Scalability Issues in PetaFLOPS Architectures
01-002 Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Mining Associations
01-001 Parallel Algorithms in Data Mining
00-062 Lower Dimensional Representation of Text Data in Vector Space Based Information Retrieval
00-061 Server-Based Dynamic Server Selection Algorithms for Enterprise Networks
00-060 Video Streaming across Best-Effort Wide-Area Networks with Controlled Quality Assurance Using Proxy Servers
00-059 A Polynomial Time Approximation Scheme for the problem of Interconnecting Highways
00-058 Transmission Fault-Tolerance of Iterated Line Digraphs
00-057 Efficient Algorithms for Creating Product Catalogs
00-056 Selective Markov Models for Predicting Web-Page Accesses
00-055 Choosing the Cluster to Split in Bisecting Divisive Clustering Algorithms
00-054 An Extension of DHH-Erdös Conjecture on Cycle-Plus-Triangle Graphs with Application in Switching Networks
00-053 Exploring Decision Processes in Multi-Agent Automated Contracting
00-041 A Decomposition-Based Approach to Layered Manufacturing
00-052 A Quadratic Integer Programming with Application in Chaotic Mappings of Complete Multipartite Graphs
00-051 Rivest-Vuillemin Conjecture Is True for Monotone Boolean Functions with Twelve Variables
00-050 Optimal Consecutive-k-out-of-n: G Cycle for n <= 2k+1
00-049 Optimal Consecutive-k-out-of-(2k+1): G Cycle