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Format: 2018
10-004 DECOR: Distributed and Energy Efficient Collection of Raw Data in Sensor Networks
10-003 Player Performance Prediction in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs)
10-002 Maintaining Connectivity in Environments with Obstacles
10-001 Cascading Spatio-temporal pattern discovery: A summary of results
09-031 Integration of Differential Gene-combination Search and Gene Set Enrichment Analysis: A General Approach
09-030 Starling: Minimizing Communication Overhead in Virtualized Computing Platforms Using Decentralized Affinity-Aware Migration
09-029 Integrative Biomarker Discovery for Breast Cancer Metastasis from Gene Expression and Protein Interaction Data Using Error-tolerant Pattern Mining
09-028 Flexible decision support in dynamic interorganizational networks
09-027 Fuel Cache Site Selection for Polar Research: A Summary of Results
09-026 A Novel Error-Tolerant Frequent Itemset Model for Binary and Real-Valued Data
09-025 3D Reconstruction of Periodic Motion from a Single View
09-024 Multi-Type Nearest Neighbor Queries Road Networks With Time Window Constraints
09-023 CFTL: A Convertible Flash Translation Layer with Consideration of Data Access Patterns
09-022 Prioritizing Disease Genes with Label Propagation on a Heterogeneous Network
09-021 Subspace Differential Coexpression Analysis: Problem Definition and a General Approach
09-020 Two-Dimensional Association Analysis For Finding Constant Value Biclusters In Real-Valued Data
09-019 Why Kad Lookup Fails
09-018 Extracting the Textual and Temporal Structure of Supercomputing Logs
09-017 Affinity-based Structure-Activity-Relationship Models: Improving Structure-Activity-Relationship Models by Incorporating Activity Information from Related Targets
09-016 Mining for Gold Farmers: Automatic Detection of Deviant Players in MMOGS
09-015 Anomaly Detection for Discrete Sequences: A Survey
09-014 Inferring Player Rating from Performance Data in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs)
09-013 Churn Prediction in MMORPGs: A Social Influence Based Approach
09-012 A Unified View of Graph-based Semi-Supervised Learning: Label Propagation, Graph-Cuts, and Embeddings
09-011 Mining Low-Support Discriminative Patterns from Dense and High-Dimensional Data
09-010 Within-network classification using local structure similarity
09-009 Generalized Laplacians and First Transit Times for Directed Graphs
09-008 Verifiable Composition of Deterministic Grammars
09-007 Declarative and deterministic parsing of AspectJ
09-006 Discovering Flow Anomalies: A SWEET Approach
09-005 Quantitative Evaluation of Approximate Frequent Pattern Mining Algorithms
09-004 Detecting Anomalies in a Time Series Database
09-003 Data-Centric Schema Creation for RDF
09-002 Mixed-Membership Naive Bayes Models
09-001 Understanding Anomaly Detection Techniques for Symbolic Sequences
08-044 Solving the Sparsity Problem: Collaborative Filtering via Indirect Similarities
08-043 HiDRA: Statistical Multi-dimensional Resource Discovery for Large-scale Systems
08-042 Infobionics Server - the next generation database
08-041 OPEN: Passive Network Performance Estimation for Data-intensive Applications
08-040 TBD: Trajectory-Based Data Forwarding for Light-Traffic Vehicular Networks
08-039 Spatio-temporal Network Databases and Routing Algorithms
08-038 Designing with Your Hands: Using 3D Computer Interfaces and Gesture to Model Organic Subjects
08-037 Flexible decision support in dynamic interorganizational networks
08-036 Exploring Speculative Parallelism in SPEC2006
08-035 Target Identification for Chemical Compounds using Target-Ligand Activity data and Ranking based Methods
08-034 Conditionally Positive Definite Kernels and Infinitely Divisible Distributions
08-033 Design of forwarder list selection scheme in opportunistic routing protocol
08-032 Repeated Auctions for Robust Task Execution by a Robot Team
08-031 Software architecture of the MinneTAC supply-chain trading agent
08-030 Tactical and Strategic Sales Management for Intelligent Agents Guided By Economic Regimes