Ph.D. Minor

Ph.D. Graduate Minor for Computer Science Students

A Minor Field is defined as a minimum of 12-semester credits of coursework outside CS in a single department of the College of Science and Engineering (e.g., EE, Math, Stat, IEOR, etc.), Management, Cognitive Science and/or other related fields for a designated minor.
The minor is awarded by that department and their requirements for a minor must be met in order to qualify for a minor in that field. The minor must be declared before passing the Preliminary Oral Examination and is declared on the Graduate Degree Plan.

The minor must be declared on the graduate degree plan. Signatures must be obtained by the Director of Graduate Studies from the minor-granting department. Be sure to follow the university catalog description of the Computer Science Minor for the most accurate and up to date requirements.

Students from other programs may pursue a computer science minor by completing the following requirements:

Ph.D. Graduate Minor in Computer Science

Students from other programs may pursue a computer science minor by completing the following requirements:

  • 13 credits of graduate-level courses in CSci
  • CSCI 8970 1 colloquium credit (included in 13 credit total)
  • limit of one 4xxx level course counted in those 13 credits
  • GPA of 3.25 or higher in courses used for the minor
  • At least one 3-credit advanced course - defined as a 3-credit CSCI 8xxx level course or a CSCI 5xxx level course that has a prerequisite of a CSCI 5xxx level course

A signature for the computer science minor can be obtained by submitting a properly filled out Graduate Degree Plan to Keller 4-192 to the attention of the Graduate Program Coordinator. Please note that our department is not able to sign your Graduate Degree Plan until you have grades for all courses being included for your minor due to the GPA requirement for our minor.

  • All courses taken for the minor must be taken on the A/F grading basis except for Colloquium, which is only offered on the S/N grading basis.
  • No CS minor available for majors in Computer Engineering or Software Engineering
  • No minor credit for courses that are cross-listed with the student's major degree department
  • All minor coursework must be completed at the time of minor approval for GPA standard check.