2.6. I have a TA appointment, but want to resign. What do I have to do?

First, unless there is an emergency, you should not resign after classes begin. If you wish to resign before classes begin, resign sufficiently before the start of classes (six weeks) that we have ample time to find and appoint a replacement. The department has had problems in the past with TAs resigning just prior to the beginning of classes. Because of the disruption this caused, the department now has the following policy:

  1. Teaching Assistants may resign their TA appointment for an RA appointment if they resign prior to the announced application deadline, which is usually 4 - 6 weeks before the start of classes of each semester.
  2. TAs who wish to resign their TA appointment after the above deadline will need written permission from the Department Head or TA Supervisor.
  3. The department will not process RA offers to TAs that resign without meeting these criteria. TAs who resign less than two weeks before the beginning of classes will forfeit their eligibility to receive any form of support from the department in the future.

If you are resigning because you are graduating or have a job offer elsewhere, we still ask that you let us know as far in advance of the beginning of the semester as possible. Finding new TAs for certain classes is very time consuming, and so the more notice we have the better.

Resignations may either be in signed hardcopy, or by email from your U of M or CS account. Copies should be sent both to Liz Freppert and to the department payroll staff. Students on a yearly TA appointment must include whether they are just resigning for the next semester, or for the entire year.