3.2. CSE Computer Science BS Application

CSE students are usually accepted into the B.S. program upon admission to upper division. Students should apply online when they have completed or they are currently enrolled in Calc I, Calc II, CS I (CSci 1133, 1103, 1113, or 1901), CSci II (CSci 1933, 1913, or 1902), and CSci 2011. Failure to apply in a timely manner will result in a major declaration hold which may prevent future registration.

Information on applying to a major in CSE can be found here.

Here is part of that page:

"Admission to a major in the College of Science and Engineering is a competitive process based on the successful completion of specific technical courses and a grade point average (GPA) based on technical courses (the technical GPA). Students who have completed the necessary technical courses and have a 3.2 or above technical GPA at the end of fall semester will be guaranteed admission to that major.
All other students who have completed the necessary technical coursework for their intended major (as identified by each department) will be considered for admission to that major on a space-available basis."

Students applying for the computer science B.S. should have completed the following courses by the end of the semester they submit their online application: Calc I, Calc II, CSci I (CSci 1133, 1103, 1113, or 1901), CSci II (CSci 1933, CSci 1913, or 1902), and CSci 2011. Each course must have been completed with a C- or better. Admission to the major is based on the unbracketed technical GPA. This is the GPA in all attempts of Computer Science, Math, Statistics and other technical courses required for science or engineering degrees. More information on the technical GPA can be found here. CSE students can check their technical GPA on their APAS report. Only classes taken at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities count towards the technical GPA.

Note if the GPA in technical courses is not sufficiently high, the college reserves the right to deny admission to the major. Students are also advised not to delay application to the major.

Historical Admission Results

Admission to the major is based on the space available. This is to ensure students who are admitted to the program can register for required classes as they need them and graduate in a timely manner. Below you will see a table of historical admission statistics to provide a sense of how competitive it has been in previous semesters. Keep in mind that every cycle is different. The statistics below only include CSE applicants. CLA applicants are competing for admission to the major in the same pool as CSE applicants.

SemesterApplicantsAdmittedPercentageLowest Tech GPA Admitted
Fall 201515514593.55%2.400
Spring 201615214494.74%2.400
Fall 201617715688.14%2.500
Spring 201717515588.57%2.500
Fall 201718316690.71%2.500
Spring 201818316992.35%2.500
Fall 201819518494.36%2.500