19. Contact Information

Position/ProgramContactPhone NumberRoom Number
CS&E Department Office 625-4002Keller Hall 4-192
DUGSNick Hopper626-1284Keller Hall 4-211
CS AdvisorsAlisa Dean, Jacquelyn Burt, Josie Kahlenbeck & Kelly Thomas625-4002 (front desk)Keller Hall 4-192
PetitionsCS Advisor625-4002Keller Hall 4-192
Honors Faculty RepresentativeNick Hopper626-1284Keller Hall 4-211
ACM Student Group 626-1535Keller Hall 2-204

CSE Student Affairs

Position/ProgramContactPhone NumberRoom Number
CSE Advising 624-2890105 Lind Hall
Career Center for Science and Engineering 624-4090105 Lind Hall
CSE Collegiate Life 624-5091115 Lind Hall

CLA Student Affairs

Position/ProgramContactPhone NumberRoom Number
CLA Career Services 624-7577411 STSS
CLA Advising 625-202016 Johnston Hall

Other Important Numbers

Position/ProgramContactPhone NumberRoom Number
Admissions (Transfer) 625-6403105 Lind Hall
Admissions (Freshman) 625-0246200 Jones Hall
Student Services (Office of the Registrar) 624-1111333 STSS
Disability Resource Center 626-1333180 McNamara Ctr
Learning Abroad Center 626-9000230 Heller Hall
University Counseling and Consulting Services 624-3323340 Appleby Hall
CS&E Graduate Program625-4002Keller Hall 4-192
CS&E Systems Staff 625-0876Keller Hall 1-201
College of Continuing Education 624-4000200 Ruttan Hall
University Honors Program 624-5522Northrop Suite 390