18.3. Courses and Credit

I transferred here having taken some CS courses elsewhere. What should I take here?

Where you fit in the curriculum gets resolved during the transfer orientation day that both CSE and CLA have. If things were not resolved, please visit a CS&E Advisor.

CSE maintains course equivalencies for numerous domestic and international colleges and can usually resolve most course evaluations. Where there are questions, you will be asked to file a petition and provide catalogs, syllabi, etc., so that the department can perform the evaluation.

How do I take an independent study?

Talk beforehand to the professor you want to study with before the semester begins. This is voluntary work on the faculty's part, and you can't demand that the professor participate. You and the professor will agree on the course number and number of credits. Complete the online Independent Study Form. Once you have submitted the form, your professor will receive an email requesting his/her approval. Once approved, you will receive a permission number for course registration via email. (Independent study sections are always offered, but always closed, so individual overrides are needed.)

Normally, an independent study involves advanced, continued work (with the same professor) from the material covered in a class. Professors will say "no" if you ask to study material already available in a course we offer (which may be taught at an inconvenient time).

You and the professor decide what you will do and how you will be graded.

What if I plan to take a course elsewhere and want to know if it will count?

First, check the online transfer guides for domestic and international colleges maintained by CSE. If the course is not listed there ask a CS&E Advisor. Bring along as much information on the course as possible, like a course description or syllabus.

Can I drop/withdraw a class after the withdrawal deadline?

If you have your one time only late withdrawal then you can withdraw from one class after the deadline as long as you visit your college advising office prior to the last day of the class. If you have used your one time only late withdrawal then it is unlikely you would be able to withdraw after the deadline. Late withdrawals may be allowed under special circumstances. See your college advising office if you have extenuating circumstances.

CSci xxxx is closed. What can I do to get in?

Waitlist for the course if that is an option for the course. If there is no waitlist or if the waitlist if full then contact the listed instructor and attend the first day of class.

Can I receive credit for my internship or Co-op?

You receive free-elective credit for your Co-op work (2 cr per Co-op term, maximum of 2 terms). This credit does not satisfy any CSci or liberal education requirements. There is no credit for internship work that would count towards major requirements. International students are required to register for CSCI 5996 (Curricular Practical Training) in order to work at an internship. CSCI 5996 is taken pass/fail for one credit, which isn't used towards the student's major requirements. CSCI 5996 would only count as a free-elective towards the 120 credit minimum to earn an undergraduate degree.

Can I take a class if I haven't satisfied all the prerequisites?

In general, you should always follow the prerequisites. However, in certain circumstances (e.g., you took a similar prerequisite course at another university, or you have extensive work experience equivalent to a prerequisite course) you may be able to take a course without taking the prerequisites. If you do this, you must ensure you are sufficiently prepared: look through a copy of the textbook, examine the course description and the course syllabus, and talk with the professor to ensure you have a sufficient background.