1. Introduction

Computer science is the study of software (programming), hardware, and theoretical aspects of high-speed computing devices, as well as the application of these devices to a broad spectrum of scientific, technological, and business problems.

Both the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) and the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) offer a bachelor's degree in computer science. These degrees not only provide a basic understanding of the field, but also include an upper division emphasis in a student-chosen subarea of computer science. This flexibility allows for concentrations within computer science, or in interdisciplinary areas involving computer applications. This should prepare students for a variety of industrial, governmental, and business positions involving computer use, or for graduate work in the field.

The four-year CLA program leads to the degree of Bachelor of Arts, B.A., with a major sequence in Computer Science. The four-year CSE program leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science, B.S., in Computer Science. A minor sequence in Computer Science, available to all students, is offered through CLA.

The remainder of this guide is organized into sections. Where the information in a section differs for CLA and CSE students, subsections contain specific information for each type of major. The material in this document pertains only to the departmental requirements. Each college may have other requirements not covered here.

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