Internet TV: Coming to Your Living Room and Desktop Soon

September 18, 2001 - 2:30pm to 3:30pm
3-125 EE/CS Building
Internet distribution of television, sometimes called webcasting, is being aggressively pursued by
various companies including ISP's, media companies, and network equipment providers. This
change in television transmission may change what we watch, how it is produced, and the business
model that supports television program production and distribution. Current plans for Internet
television may be too cautious - replacement of wireless, satellite, and cable distribution by Internet
distribution. This vision of the future does not address possible changes in program content and
interactivity. This talk will describe the network protocols and systems being developed to support
Internet distribution of television and relate these technologies to past developments of television
technology. Lastly, alternative models for Internet webcasting will be discussed including research
into developing technology to support these models.