Graduate Admissions Overview

The graduate programs in the Computer Science and Engineering department are highly competitive. We receive 1200 + applications each year for approximately 70 total seats in the PhD and MS programs. We are only able to admit the most qualified applicants who advance our mission of innovative research.

Available Degrees

The department offers four graduate degrees:

Minor in Computer Science

Students from other programs may pursue a computer science minor by completing the following requirements:

  • 9 credits of graduate-credit courses in CSci
  • Colloquium credit may not be included in the 9 required credits
  • limit of one 4xxx level course counted in those 9 credits
  • GPA of 3.00 or higher in courses used for the minor
  • At least one advanced course - defined as an 8xxx level course or a 5xxx level course that has a prerequisite of a 5xxx level course

Associated Graduate Programs

The department’s faculty members play a significant role in three additional graduate degree programs, which are:

Note that the respective programs handle admissions in these programs.

Program Statistics

Various statistics about the department’s graduate programs can be found here.