Frequently Asked Admissions Questions

Dates & Requirements

Q: Do you have a rolling application cycle? 

A: The CS&E department does not have a rolling application cycle. Applicants can expect to have a final decision from through the application portal within 4 weeks of the application acceptance close date for each program area. 

Q: When does the application cycle open and when does the Computer Science & Engineering (CS&E) department accept new students? Do you accept students for the spring and fall semester? 

A: The CS&E department begins to accept applications on November 15th for the following fall term. The department only accepts applications for fall admission, there is no spring admission cycle.

Q: When does the application cycle close? What if my application material arrives after the application due date?

A: The Computer Science & Engineering department expects all applications to be completed by the close of the application cycle.  Please be sure to submit all of your application material to the program by the deadline in order to be considered for your program of choice. 

Q: What are important dates to remember? 

A:The important dates to remember are: 

  • December 5: PhD in Computer Science applications are due to be considered for fellowships and departmental financial aid.

  • January 5th: All PhD applications are due.

  • March 1st: Application cycle closes for all domestic and international MS students.

Q: When do you admit students to the program?

  • A: The Computer Science and Engineering department receives over 1,300+ applications each year and each one is carefully reviewed by our admissions committee. 
    Our goal is to begin making admissions decisions for PhD students by January 15 and to have the majority of PhD decisions completed by March 15 or earlier. 
    The department will begin to review MS applications in March with decision notifications beginning around April 15. The Computer Science & Engineering department does not have a rolling application cycle. 

Q: Where are the requirements and instructions to apply for the MS, MCS or PhD degree programs?

A: You can find requirements at the following links: 

Q:: What are the differences between the Master's in Computer Science (MS) and the Master of Computer Science (MCS)? Can I transfer between these programs once I am enrolled?

A: The differences between the two programs are as follows:

  • THe MCS is a professional degree and students applying to the degree are required to be a working professional in the computer science industry at the time of application. 

  • The MCS has a 3.0 GPA standard; the MS has a 3.25 GPA standard

  • Students need to provide a GRE score to apply to the MS program, they do not need a GRE to apply to the MCS. Industry experience is expected in lieu the GRE score.

  • Students still need to provide a language score for both MS and MCS.

  • MCS is coursework only. MS has a choice of 3 different tracks.

  • Students cannot switch between the MS and MCS program without applying from one to other.

Q: I do not have a computer science background, can I still apply to the program?

A: If you do not have a traditional computer science background it is strongly suggested that you meet the background requirements outlined on our website: to be considered for the program. Without meeting these requirements your application may not be considered competitive. If you have fulfilled background requirements be sure to include this coursework in your submitted transcripts and make not of your efforts in your Statement of Purpose.

Application Information

Q: Can the department pre-screen my application material?

A: No. The department does not pre-screen material prior to application to any graduate program.

Q: Can the department change my application material after I submit it?

A: No. The department does not have the ability to change or update application material. To change your application material please e-mail:

Q: Do you need official transcripts, GRE and language scores (TOEFL or IELTS) to review my application?

A: The department must have official test score documentation to begin the review process. 

Q: Can the department check on the status of my application?

A: Due to the number of applications we receive, we are unable to check the status of an individual application. Students will receive all information regarding the status of their application from the Graduate School.
When your file with the Graduate School is complete it will be forwarded to the department for review. Once a decision is made students will receive an email from the Graduate School indicating as such.

Q: I am reapplying to the program, do I need to turn in all of my application material again?

A: Yes, you need to submit new application material.

Q: I did not gain admission to the program, can I petition the outcome?

A: No. The admissions committee spends time looking through each application and assessing the quality of a student and best fit with the program.
The decision of the admission committee is final though students are welcome to reapply for admission to the program for the following application cycle.

Q: What is the average GRE/TOEFL score or GPA for previous applicants? 

A: Statistics for admitted students can be found here:

Funding & Statistics

Q: How much does it cost to attend school?

A: Please check here for tuition rates set by the University of Minnesota yearly:

Q: What are the funding opportunities for MS students? 

A: The department does not fund MS students at the time of entry into the program. MS students have the opportunity to apply for teaching assistantships later on in their program. Other funding opportunities outside of the department can be found here:

Fellowships and Grants

CS Page on Funding

For additional information please contact:

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