10. Advising and APAS Reports

10.1. Advising for Undergraduate Students

Advisors can answer questions about the CS&E degrees and minors, course requirements, the upper division track, general career opportunities, etc.  Advisor office hours are posted on the CS undergraduate web pageAll students may seek advice from course instructors and faculty members. Instructors and faculty can answer questions about specific classes they teach, careers in their area of expertise, etc.

10.2. Pre-Computer Science Students in CSE and CLA

Pre-computer science students are advised through their college advising offices, although they are welcome to visit the Computer Science Undergraduate Advisors as well.

CSE Advising: 105 Lind Hall, 624-2980

CLA Advising: 16 Johnston Hall, 625-2020

10.3. Admitted Computer Science Majors in CSE and CLA

Admitted computer science majors should visit a CSci Advisor for computer science questions. Additionally, all students must see a Computer Science Advisor upon admission.

CSci advisors can answer questions about computer science courses, careers, degree requirements, etc. Sometimes students will need to see their college office (for example, to submit petitions, ask questions about college requirements, etc.).

CSci Upper Division Advising: Keller Hall 4-192, 612-625-4002, .

CSE Student Advising: 105 Lind Hall, 624-2890.

CLA Advising: 16 Johnston Hall, 625-2020.

10.4. Tracking Your Progress with APAS (Academic Progress Audit System)

Your APAS report is your guide to how you are progressing toward your goal of a bachelor's degree. APAS Reports are available online at the One Stop website. If you have had any coursework transferred from other institutions, but which is not yet showing up on your APAS, you should bring records showing this work.

10.5 Course Restrictions for CSCI 3081W and CSCI 4061

Computer Science has put restrictions on two required major courses so only specific majors can register for them. This helps give priority to students needing the course who are officially in a program.

CSCI 3081W will only be allowing the following students access: CSCI BS declared majors, CSCI BA declared majors, CSCI MS, CSCI Ph.D.

CSCI 4061 will only be allowing the following students access: CSCI BS declared majors, CSCI BA declared majors, CSCI MS, CSCI Ph.D., Data Science MS, CompE declared majors, EE declared majors, EE MS, EE PhD, ITI BAS declared majors.

Pre-majors in CLA and CSE won’t be able to register for these courses until they are admitted to majors. Permission numbers won’t be given out to pre-major students. Advisors will consider requests from CSCI minors, other declared majors, and prospective graduate students if there’s proof that they need these courses for their program of study. Students in this situation should fill out this form the week before the start of the term. Permission numbers will be given out to students with appropriate reasons if space is still available in the course at that time. Honors students should also contact the advisors to discuss enrollment options.  If you have any questions you are welcome to reach out to advisors via email ( ).