7.4. Handling Cheating

If you notice suspicious activity, you first need to decide whether it is likely that cheating occurred, and, if so, whether there is reasonable evidence to support that suspicion. If you think that cheating did indeed occur, or if you are not sure, but have a strong suspicion that it did, then you should always report this to the course instructor. More specifically, you should:

  • Gather evidence: save or make copies of any papers or computer files involved.
  • Get additional support: if possible, get additional witnesses so that you have more evidence than your word against the student's. For example, if you notice cheating during an exam, notify the instructor and/or other proctors.
  • Take notes: write down any additional information that might be relevant, and which you might not remember if the situation is contested at a later date.
  • Discuss with the instructor: the instructor will then need to decide what further action to take. If the instructor determines that cheating has indeed occurred, there are department and college procedures he or she will need to follow.

Additional information can be found at the Office for Student Conduct and Academic Integrity site.