12/22 TA Update

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Just to reiterate and elaborate on a few points from the last update:

  • There will be a few more TA offers for Spring, although how many and for which classes isn't known yet (maybe 3 to 6?). Due to the upcoming holidays, offer letters will (probably) not go out until January. However, anyone who is looking for an offer should check their email regularly all throughout break.
  • If you received an offer recently, you should have gotten your class assignment by now. If you did not, please contact Phil Barry or Liz Freppert.
  • A reminder that the resignation deadline has passed, and so resignations will be accepted only in extreme, unforeseen cases.
  • Finally, a reminder that --- unless they have made prior arrangements with the professor they are TAing for in Spring --- all TAs should be physically on campus the week before classes start in case their is any TA work to be done then.