Konstan Elected as FCC Chair

April 19, 2017

Professor Joseph Konstan has been elected chair of the Faculty Consultative Committee (FCC), one of the most influential committees at the university. The FCC contributes to many aspects of the university administration, including the budget, top-level hiring, and oversight of other senate committees.

The official charge of the committee is to “represent the faculty at large and not the individual campuses, institutes, colleges, schools, or department of the University” and “serve as a the consulting body to the president and as executive committee of the Faculty Senate."

Professor Konstan was elected by the current members of the committee for a one-year term of office and is eligible for re-election in the future.  A complete list duties and responsibilities is available on the University Senate’s website.

Please join the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in sending our congratulations to Professor Konstan and the work he continues to do in university governance.

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