Robustness and Security in a Mobile-Agent based Network Monitoring System

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January 13, 2004
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In Konark, a network monitoring system based on mobile-agents,agents can communicate witheach other to perform system-wide correlation of data.To minimize management efforts, our system incorporatesmechanisms to detect and self-recover frominternal failures in a decentralized and scalable fashion.In this paper, we discuss the mechanisms for self-recoveryachievedby using the same mechanisms as those used for monitoringcomputing resources in thenetwork.Self-monitoring of Konark also provides all the features ofnetwork monitoring,such as dynamic extensibility, active monitoring, andonline-correlation of data.The security mechanisms of Konark are also discussed.This work demonstrates that mobile-agent based approach is aviable alternative forbuilding robust and secure network monitoring systems.

Keywords: Self-Monitoring and Recovery, Network monitoring,Mobile agents, Multi-agent systems, Mobile code,Monitoring system security, Distributed Event Communication