Anomaly Detection for Discrete Sequences: A Survey

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May 22, 2009
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This survey attempts to provide a comprehensive and structured overview of the existing research for the problem of detecting anomalies in discrete sequences. The aim is to provide a global understanding of the sequence anomaly detection problem and how techniques proposed for different domains relate to each other. Our specific contributions are as follows: We identify three distinct formulations of the anomaly detection problem, and review techniques from many disparate and disconnected domains that address each of these formulations. Within each problem formulation, we group techniques into categories based on the nature of the underlying algorithm. For each category, we provide a basic anomaly detection technique, and show how the existing techniques are variants of the basic technique. This approach shows how different techniques within a category are related or different from each other. Our categorization reveals new variants and combinations that have not been investigated before for anomaly detection. We also provide a discussion of relative strengths and weaknesses of different techniques. We show how techniques developed for one problem formulation can be adapted to solve a different formulation; thereby providing several novel adaptations to solve the different problem formulations. We highlight the applicability of the techniques that handle discrete sequences to other related areas such as online anomaly detection and time series anomaly detection.