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Format: 2018
02-023 SLPMiner: An Algorithm for Finding Frequent Sequential Patterns Using Length-Decreasing Support Constraint
02-022 Evaluation of Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms for Document Datasets
02-021 Extension of Discriminant Analysis based on the Generalized Singular Value Decomposition
02-020 Supporting Innovation: A Behavior-Sketching Tool for Early Multimedia Design
02-019 The Multi-resolution Co-location Miner: A New Algorithm to Find Co-location Patterns in Spatial Dataset
02-018 Performance Evaluation of Co-location Miner
02-017 CLUTO - A Clustering Toolkit
02-016 Clustering in Life Sciences
02-015 A Polynomial Time Approximation Scheme for Rectlinear Steiner Mininum Tree Construction in the Presence of Obstacles
02-014 Comparison of Agglomerative and Partitional Document Clustering Algorithms
02-013 Domain Reduction Abstraction
02-012 Optimal Relay Location for Resource-Limited Energy-Efficient Wireless Communication
02-011 Using Conjunction of Attribute Values for Classification
02-010 Interprocedural Induction Variable Analysis
02-009 Multi-Agent Negotiation using Combinatorial Auctions with Precedence Constraints
02-008 Spatial Contextual Classification and Prediction Models for Mining Geospatial Data
02-006 Phase Locality Detection Using a Branch Trace Buffer for Efficient Profiling in Dynamic Optimization
02-005 Visual Servoing of a Miniature Robot Toward a Marked Target
02-007 The Development of Extended Pattern Matching Operators and a Supporting Operator Framework for Relational Database Management Systems
02-004 Relay Sensor Placement in Wireless Sensor Networks
02-003 Polynomial-Time Approximation Scheme for Minimum Connected Dominating Set in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
02-002 Virtual Backbone-Based Routing in Multihop Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
02-001 Dictionary Design Algorithms for Vector Map Compression
01-048 A PTAS for the Grade of Service Steiner Minimum Tree Problem
01-047 Approximation Solutions for the Resource Management Problem Using the General Cover Problem
01-046 Transaction-based Waveform Analysis for Functional Verification in IP Selection
01-045 A Unified Approach to Spatial Outlier Detection
01-044 Approximation ratio 2 for the Minimum number of Steiner Points
01-043 Improve Precategorized Collection Retrieval by Using Supervised Term Weighting Schemes
01-042 Automated Clustering and Extraction of Distinctive Words in Legal Documents
01-041 Adaptive Random Sampling for Load Change Detection
01-040 Criterion Functions for Document Clustering: Experiments and Analysis
01-039 Specification and Implementation of Secure Distributed Collaboration Systems
01-038 Design of a Dynamically Extensible System for Network Monitoring using Mobile Agents
01-037 Paradigms for Mobile Agent-Based Active Monitoring of Network Systems
01-036 Efficient Object Caching for Distributed Java RMI Applications
01-035 Design of a Policy-Driven Middleware for Secure Distributed Collaboration
01-034 Design of Ajanta System for Mobile Agent Programming
01-049 Localized Approach to Providing Quality-of-Service
01-033 Evaluation of Techniques for Classifying Biological Sequences*
01-032 A Scalable Algorithm for Clustering Sequential Data
01-031 Performance of a Distributed Robotic System Using Shared Communications Channels
01-030 Promoter Prediction of Prokaryotes
01-029 Gene Classification using Expression Profiles: A Feasibility Study
01-027 Expert Agreement and Content Based Reranking in a Meta Search Environment Using Mearf
01-028 Frequent Subgraph Discovery
01-026 LPMiner: An Algorithm for Finding Frequent Itemsets Using Length-Decreasing Support Constraint
01-025 Statistical Comparisons of Multiple Classifiers
01-024 New Bound-Based Net Criticality Metrics for Timing-Driven Physical Design
01-023 Personalized Profile Based Search Interface With Ranked and Clustered Display