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Format: 2020
14-008 Algorithms for Mining the Coevolving Relational Motifs in Dynamic Networks
14-007 The Lion and Man Game on Polyhedral Surfaces with Boundary
14-006 Conservative Signed/Unsigned Type Inference for Binaries using Minimum Cut
14-005 Discovering Groups of Time Series with Similar Behavior in Multiple Small Intervals of Time
14-004 Online Discovery of Group Level Events in Time Series
14-003 Tiera: Towards Flexible Multi-Tiered Cloud Storage Instances
14-002 Pursuit and Evasion with Uncertain Bearing Measurements
14-001 Polygon Guarding with Orientation
13-034 Models for Dynamic User Preferences and Their Applications
13-033 A Hazard Based Approach to User Return Time Prediction
13-032 MPI for Big Data: New Tricks for an Old Dog
13-031 On Outbound Strategies and the Pareto Efficiency of Multipath Interdomain Routing
13-030 Equilibria of Prices and Investments in Two-sided Internet Content Delivery Market
13-029 Modeling Cohesiveness and Enmity for Signed Social Communities
13-028 Toward Shortest Backup Paths for IP Fast ReRoute
13-027 Simulating Opinion Changes in Online Social Networks
13-026 The Lion and Man Game on Convex Terrains
13-025 View Planning For Cloud-Based Active Object Recognition
13-024 Predicting Player Churn in Multiplayer Games using Goal-Weighted Empowerment
13-023 Reconstructing Disease Phenome-genome Association by Bi-Random Walk
13-022 Beehive: A Framework for Graph Data Analytics on Cloud Computing Platforms
13-021 Transaction Management using Causal Snapshot Isolation in Partially Replicated Databases
13-020 Correlation based Feature Selection using Rank aggregation for an Improved Prediction of Potentially Preventable Events
13-019 Efficient Test Coverage Measurement for MC/DC
13-018 On Parameterized Abstractions in Unrolling-Based Decision Procedure for Algebraic Data Types
13-017 Towards the Analysis of Narrative Networks
13-016 Continuum of All-Pair Shortest-Path to All-Path via Random Walk
13-015 Community-Assisted Software Engineering Decision Making
13-014 Measuring spontaneous devaluations in user preferences
13-013 Energy-Optimal Trajectory Planning for Car-Like Robots
13-012 Bearing-Only Active Target Localization Strategies for a System of Two Communicating Mobile Robots: Full Technical Report
13-011 A Novel Regression Model Combining Instance Based Rule Mining With EM Algorithm
13-010 Sensor Planning for a Symbiotic UAV and UGV system for Precision Agriculture
13-009 Searching for a One-Dimensional Random Walker: Deterministic Strategies with a Time Budget When Crossing is Allowed
13-008 Searching for a One-Dimensional Random Walker: Randomized Strategy with Energy Budget
13-007 Nebula: Data Intensive Computing over Widely Distributed Voluntary Resources
13-006 Abstractions in Decision Procedures for Algebraic Data Types
13-005 Integration of Clinical and Genomic data: a Methodological Survey
13-004 Document Clustering: The Next Frontier
13-003 Supplement for "Change Detection from Temporal Sequences of Class Labels: Application to Land Cover Change Mapping"
13-002 Supplement for "Contextual Time Series Change Detection"
13-001 Long-Term Search Through Energy Efficiency and Harvesting
12-025 The Nature and Limits of Discriminative Patterns
12-024 Silver modularity analysis changelog
12-023 Information lifetime aware analysis for dynamic social networks
12-022 AREM: A Novel Associative Regression Model Based on EM Algorithm
12-021 CorLayer: A Transparent Link Correlation Layer for More Energy Efficient Broadcast
12-020 A New Teleconnection : The Australian Southern Oscillation
12-019 Understanding the complexity of 3G UMTS network performance - Modeling, Prediction, and Diagnosis
12-018 Contextual Time Series Change Detection