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Format: 2020
12-017 If You are Happy and Know It ... Tweet
12-016 Forming Long Term Teams to Exploit Synergies among Heterogeneous Agents
12-015 Crime pattern analysis: A spatial frequent pattern mining approach
12-014 Fast and Effective Lossy Compression Algorithms for Scientific
12-013 Jensen-Bregman LogDet Divergence for Efficient Similarity Computations on Positive Definite Tensors
12-012 Understanding the Sea SurfaceTemperature - Tropical Cyclone Relationship: A Data Driven Approach
12-011 A Data Mining Framework for Forest Fire Mapping
12-010 Automation for Regulated Issue Tracking Activities
12-009 Linear Convergence of ADMM on a Model Problem
12-008 Online Quadratically Constrained Convex Optimization with Applications to Risk Adjusted Portfolio Selection
12-007 MAP Inference on Million Node Graphical Models: KL-divergence based Alternating Directions Method
12-006 Sensor Placement and Selection for Bearing Sensors with Bounded Uncertainty
12-005 Lion and Man with Visibility in Monotone Polygons
12-004 Scalable Transaction Management with Serializable Snapshot Isolation on HBase
12-003 Optimizing MapReduce for Highly Distributed Environments
12-002 A pattern mining based integrative framework for biomarker discovery
12-001 Enhancing the functional content of protein interaction networks
11-031 SocialCloud: Using Social Networks for Building Distributed Computing Services
11-030 Taking Routers Off Their Meds: Unstable Routers and the Buggy BGP Implementations That Cause Them
11-029 Mobilizing the Cloud: Enabling Multi-User Mobile Outsourcing in the Cloud
11-028 Efficient Similarity Search via Sparse Coding
11-027 Censorship resistant overlay publishing
11-026 Probabilistic Tensor Factorization for Tensor Completion
11-025 A regression model for predicting optimal purchase timing for airline tickets
11-024 I/O-Scalable Bregman Co-clustering and Its Application to the Analysis of Social Media
11-023 Mapping Multi-Layer Baysian LDA to Massively Parallel Supercomputers
11-022 Investigation of Membrane Computing for Generative Computer Graphics
11-021 A Code Transformation Framework for Scientific Applications on Structured Grids
11-020 Shadow: Running Tor in a Box for Accurate and Efficient Experimentation
11-019 Throttling Tor Bandwidth Parasites
11-018 Cautious Greedy Strategy for Bearing-based Active Localization: Technical Report
11-017 Pre-processing of the validation data used in the paper titled "Model-Free Time Series Segmentation Approach for Land Cover Change Detection"
11-016 A Study of Time Series Noise Reduction Techniques in the Context of Land Cover Change Detection
11-015 Efficient Data Collection from Wireless Nodes under Two-Ring Communication Model
11-014 Travel Prediction-based Data Forwarding for Sparse Vehicular Networks
11-013 TMA: Trajectory-based Multi-Anycast for Multicast Data Delivery in Vehicular Networks
11-012 Vivisecting YouTube: An Active Measurement Study
11-011 Reaching to multiple potential targets: An optimal control perspective
11-010 Cascading spatio-temporal pattern discovery
11-009 HotDataTrap: A Sampling-based Hot Data Identification Scheme for Flash Memory
11-008 Symmetric Linear Rendezvous with an Unknown Initial Distance
11-007 Automatic Detection Of Vaccine Adverse Reactions By Incorporating Historical Medical Conditions
11-006 Dynamic Outsourcing Mobile Computation to the Cloud
11-005 Characterizing Discriminative Patterns
11-004 i-Code: A New Approach to Practical Network Coding for Content Distribution
11-003 Energy Optimal Velocity Profiles for Car-like Robots
11-002 Inferring Disease and Gene Set Associations with Rank Coherence in Networks
11-001 Construction and Functional Analysis of Human Genetic Interaction Networks with Genome-wide Association Data
10-029 The Distributed Virtual Network for High Fidelity, Large Scale Peer to Peer Network Simulation
10-028 Parallelization of Nullspace Algorithm for the computation of metabolic pathways