Instructional Computing Equipment and Labs

Note: any of the following machines running Linux can be accessed remotely. If you have any problems, please e-mail


Several VMware products are available (at no cost) to students, faculty, and staff in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. To obtain the software visit the VMware Download page.

Graduate Lab - Keller 2-216

The Grad lab is in Keller Hall 2-216 (phone 626-1071). All grad students can obtain access to the grad lab by submitting the on-line Grad Lab Access Form. In order to complete the on-line form, you will need a CS&E Unix account and a U card (check out the U Card home page for more information).

Machine NamesTypeProcessorOSRAMMedia/
cs-atto.cs, cs-carbon.cs, cs-deca.cs, cs-deci.cs, cs-hecto.cs, cs-myria.cs, cs-neon.csDell Precision Tower 7910Intel® Xeon e5-2460 2.4ghz 20 coresMicrosoft Windows 1032 GBDVD-RWX drive/
Nvidia Quadro M2000
34" curved
cs-cello.cs, cs-flute.cs, cs-oboe.cs, cs-saxophone.cs, cs-trombone.cs, cs-trumpet.cs, cs-violin.csDell Precision Tower 7910Intel® Intel® Xeon e5-2460 2.4ghz 20 coresUbuntu32 GBDVD-RWX drive/
Nvidia Quadro m2000
34" curved
nebula.cs, quasar.csDell Optiplex 9020Intel® Core® i7-4770 @ 3.40GHzUbuntu16 GBDVD-RW/
AMD® Radeon® HD 8570
2 x 24" LCD
exa.cs, femto.cs, galaxy.cs, pulsar.csDell Optiplex 9020Intel® Core® i7-4770 @ 3.40GHzUbuntu16 GBDVD-RW/
AMD® Radeon® HD 8570
30" LCD
coachz.cs, strongbad.csiMacIntel Core i5 3.2 GHzMac OSX16 GBDVD-RW/
2 x NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 755M 1024MB
27" Apple Thunderbolt Display


Name: grad1
Hardware: Hp Laserjet 600 M601


Name: grad-scanner
Hardware: HP Digital Sender Flow 8500 fnl

Classroom Labs

Please Note: Use of the following computers requires an active CSE Labs account.

Keller 1-260

Keller Hall 1-260 schedule

Machine NamesTypeProcessorOSRAMMedia/
csel-kh1260-01.cselabs, ..., csel-kh1260-20.cselabsDell Precision 3630Intel® Core™ i7-4790 (Quad-Core) @ 3.60GHzUbuntu32 GBDVD+/-RW/
Intel® UHD Graphics 630
1 x 34" LCD

Keller 1-262

Keller Hall 1-262 schedule

Machine NamesTypeProcessorOSRAMMedia/
csel-kh1262-01.cselabs, ..., csel-kh1262-28.cselabsDell OptiPlex 7050Intel® Core™ i7-7700 @ 3.6GHzUbuntu32 GBDVD+/-RW/
Intel HD Graphics 630
Media Card Reader
1 x 24" LCD

Undergraduate Robotics and Vision Lab - Keller 1-202

The Undergraduate Robotics Laboratory has state-of-the-art facilities for projects in robotics, virtual reality, and graphics. Students work in the laboratory on individual or group projects under the guidance of a faculty advisor. The laboratory has been established with funding from NSF and the College of Science and Engineering.

  • 6 x Aibo Robots
  • 10 x NAO Robots
  • 6 x Pioneer 1 Ranger Robots
  • 4 x Pioneer 3 Ranger Robots
  • 2 x Pioneer P3-DX Ranger Robots
  • 8 x Sick Laser Rangefinder
  • 2 x Scorbot ER VII
  • 30 x Scribbler Robots
  • 30 x Fluke (Plugs into Scribbler Robots, providing bluetooth and camera)
  • 8 x Logitech Webcam C500 1.3 megapixel
  • 4 x Dell Inspiron 1100 Laptops for robot control
  • 5 x Acer Aspire One Netbooks for robot control
Machine NamesTypeProcessorOSRAMMedia/GraphicsMonitor
csel-robovis1.cselabs, csel-robovis2.cselabsDell XPS 8910Intel® Core™ i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHzUbuntu16 GBNvidia GeForce GTX 108024" LCD

*Please Note: Use of these computers requires an active CSE Labs account.

Server Resources

Server NamesTypeProcessorOSRAM
cuda01 - cuda08.cselabs [1]Dell Precision T54002 x Quad-Core Intel® Xeon™ @ 2.00GHzUbuntu8 GB
phi01 - phi08.cselabs[2]Dell Power Edge R7202 x 8-Core Intel® Xeon™ @ 2.00GHzUbuntu64 GB

[1] These servers have NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards for CUDA programming. They require an active CSE Labs account.

[2] These servers have Xeon Phi cards for MIC Architecture programming. They require an active CSE Labs account.

Compute Servers

Two compute servers are also available for CS&E users to use freely. Dio is a powerful machine available for high computational needs.

Machine NamesTypeProcessorOSRAMHard Drive
dio.csDell PowerEdge 69504 x Dual-Core AMD Opteron™ Processor 8216 @ 2.40GHz64-bit Ubuntu16 GB1 TB
maximus.csDell PowerEdge R8154 x AMD® Opteron® 6220 (Eight-Core) @ 3.00GHz64-bit Ubuntu192 GB1 TB

Reservable Resources

The following items may be reserved for class use. To reserve these items, faculty should send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Name of the Class with CSCI number identifier
  • Start and end date of reservation
  • Max number of days a student may reserve an item
  • Number of units to reserve
  • Maximum reservations per student
  • Who can reserve an item, i.e. the entire class or provide a list of a subset of students from the class

The operator on duty will then set up a reservation for your class. The student can then stop by the operator office in Keller 1-201 with a photo ID and pick-up the equipment that he/she reserved.

Machine NamesTypeProcessorOSRAMMediaMonitor
Laptop: cs-louieDell Latitude 7490Intel Core i7-8650UWindows 1016GB14" 1920x1080
Laptop: cs-hueyMacbook Air
Laptop: cs-deweyMackbook Pro
Mobile Devices:droid1.cs, ..., droid6.csNexus S1GHz Cortex A8 (Hummingbird)Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)16GB iNAND flash memoryNone4.0" WVGA (480x800)
Mobile Devices:galaxy01.cs, ..., galaxy21.csGalaxy Nexus HSPA+1.2 GHz dual-core processorAndroid 4.1 (Jelly Bean)16GB iNAND flash memoryNone4.65" Super AMOLED (1280 x 720)
Mobile Devices:nexus01.cs, ..., nexus38.csNexus 7Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean)16GB iNAND flash memoryNone1080x1920 pixels 5"


  • Proxima 1 - NEC MultiSync MT1030+
  • Proxima 3 - Proxima DP9200
  • Projector-Dell - Dell 2300MP
  • Projector-Infocus - Infocus LP530V