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  • Faculty Chart of Accounts (COA) - Sign in with your UMN Authentication to see a list of your account strings and current general ledger balances. Please confirm balances with your accountant before making any high dollar commitments.
  • HR Appointment Request Form - Please use this form for requesting NEW Grad RAs, REUs, and other semester-based appointments.
  • HR Position Request Form - Please use this form for requesting a NEW position. Please be prepared to provide a job description.
  • Visitor Sponsored Email Request - Please use this form to request email, UCard and/or data system access for a visitor.
  • J1 Visa Invitation Letter - Please use this form to request an invitation be created for a visiting scholar and prepare necessary International Scholar paperwork.
  • Grant Proposal Intake Form - Please use this form to provide answers to the Proposal Routing Form (PRF) questions for your proposal.

Purchasing and Reimbursement Forms

Adobe Acrobat Pro can be installed free of charge on any University-owned computer. We recommend using Adobe Acrobat Pro to fill out, save, and print the forms in this section. Please refer to the OIT Office & Productivity Software page for instructions about how to install Adobe Acrobat Pro. You may use Adobe Reader, however you might have issues saving the data entered in interactive fields. Other PDF readers may appear to work, but give inaccurate answers. Any questions with purchasing and/or travel, please e-mail .


Employee Expense Worksheet (UM1612) is available in Forms Library or directly from the University Travel policy.

For Employees

  • University of Minnesota Human Resources Information Form (HRIF) (pdf) (new graduate students with a payroll appointment should fill this form out and submit it to or deliver it to 4-192 Keller)

Miscellaneous Forms